A game changing moment for the car leasing industry

Welcome to the UK's first car leasing comparison website

Every once in a while, a revolutionary website appears that changes an entire industry. Ebay did it for auctions. Amazon did it for book retail. Google did it for search engines. Airbnb did it for short term accommodation. Well, right we are launching three revolutionary web based services for the car leasing industry.

The first one is a search engine that allows you to fetch car leasing quotations from multiple car leasing companies, in real time and within the space of just a few clicks.

The second, is a system that – for the very first time – standardises all of the quotations from lots of car leasing companies, from all over the UK.

The third, is a web application that is capable of doing many thousands of mathematical calculations in just a few seconds. These calculations allow visitors the ability to find out definitively which car leasing company is offering the best deal for any popular make and model of car.

So, that's three things:

Once again:

Are you getting it?

These are not three separate IT systems. This is one website and we're calling it LeaseCat.

LeaseCat is going to transform the car leasing industry – and here it is!

But, before going into that, let's take a moment to consider how the car leasing industry has worked, throughout the years.

There are maybe about two hundred car leasing companies in the UK. If you search around the web for anything to do with car leasing then you'll soon notice that most of the big players in the car leasing industry all have large database driven websites. For the most part, they are all capable of producing quotations for any make and model of car. The trouble is, there is no way of doing like for like comparisons of car leasing deals whereby two companies get compared side by side.

A quick search on Google will confirm that there are a handful of websites which claim to be, or have the general appearance of, car leasing comparison websites. However, all of them (yes, all!) either do not do like for like comparisons or the merely compare prices which all come from one car leasing company.

Take Contract Hire and Leasing dot com, for example. For many years this has been one of the go-to websites for car leasing in the UK. A market leader. If you have a quick look around then you'll soon discover that there is no shortage of car leasing deals on their website. Also, lots of the deals are from multiple car leasing companies. Looking promising, right?

Well... not really.

The trouble is, there's no way to easily figure out which deals are the best. Sure, you can see who does the lowest monthly rental – if you're willing to click around for a while, but that doesn't take things like initial deposit and mileage into account. Go ahead and try it for yourself. Pick any make and model of car and see for yourself how difficult it is to figure out who is offering the best deals. We think you'll be sitting there for a long time and you'll probably need a calculator too.

It's the same story with the WhatCar website. It also has a facility for searching for car leasing deals from multiple companies. Once again, the results are all over the place. There's no way of doing like for like comparisons. They're no way of filtering the results.

Let's consider another industry leading website.

Check out Lease Comparison dot co dot uk. That website is clearly advertised as being a car leasing comparison website. At the time of writing, it appears at the top of the search engines – in the UK – for the phrase 'car leasing comparison website'. The page title of the home page even contains the phrase 'compare car leasing deals'. When you click into the site you'll see lots of deals and they all seem to have buttons beside them that say the word 'compare'.

So, this must be a really great car leasing comparison website ...right?

Well ...maybe not.

Have a closer look and you'll soon discover that all of the deals are coming from the same company, i.e., themselves! Once again, don't take our word for it. Go check out out and see for yourself! As far as we can tell, the only comparison that is going on is between deals that are coming from their own database! What use is a car leasing comparison website if it doesn't allow you to compare deals from multiple car leasing companies?

As a matter of fact, it's our observation that the vast majority of sites that contain (none of them compare) car leasing quotations from multiple companies aren't even using live data. In other words, most of the time, their information is out of date!

Well, we don't want to do any of those things.

What we want to do is build a leapfrog website that is much smarter and much easier to use than anything else that's out there. That's what LeaseCat is. So, LeaseCat is going to transform the car leasing industry.

How do you transform the car leasing industry?

We're going to start by giving our visitors a really simple interface. As a matter of fact, we aim to give our visitors a user experience that's so intuitive that it almost seems like an anti-technology. For example, most of the industry leading car leasing websites use an assortment of complicated forms and drop down menus, to enable users to find the 'precise' type of deal and vehicle that they're after. So, it's very usual to find car leasing websites which have multiple drop down options and multiple form fields that need to be dealt with, before you can even do one simple search.

We've decided to try something different.

Our suspicion was that people who were interested in car leasing were probably not going to be too bothered about the difference between – let's say – a BMW 3 Series and a BMW 318is Sport. We had a hunch that most people who wanted a 3 series ...just wanted a 3 series! We did a little bit of market research and sure enough, that turned out to be the case. As a matter of fact, we were surprised to find that most of the people whom we asked weren't even particularly interested in things like engine size, trim and interior colour. They were generally happy to just look through the range and then make up their own mind.

This discovery enabled us to get rid of lots of the boring form fields that can make car leasing websites a nightmare to be on. In the end, we managed to reduce the entire process to just two or three variables. That's all we need from you to go and fetch some great deals. So, you choose a make, you choose a model and sometimes you choose a mileage – unless you've used the site recently, in which case we remember your previous mileage choice.

So, the first thing you'll notice about LeaseCat is that it's extremely easy to use. You can literally search through thousands and thousands of deals, with just a few clicks. It's extremely easy to use and, as a matter of fact, it's an industry first.

Multiple car leasing quotations from multiple car leasing companies

Of course, one of the really huge technical challenges that we had to deal with was how to get thousands of deals from lots of car leasing companies and then bring them together, all into one place. So, how do you solve this?

Well, we solved it!

The solution was a combination of great coding, great new web technologies and many hours of painstaking data entry.

This enables enables us to fetch all of our quotation data in real time, which we think is an industry first! It also allows us to access literally millions of car leasing quotations without scraping databases and without putting any servers (either ours or somebody else's) under any stress.

Now, obviously we're not going to come on and give away our entire secret. This is something that took a long time to figure out. What we can say though is that we're very far ahead of the competition and believe that this is something that both consumers and car leasing companies will love.

LeaseCat loves maths!

There's also some really cool mathematics going on that you can't see.

Thanks to some insider industry knowledge, we managed to identify the key variables that make up a car leasing quotation. Whenever a car leasing quote is produced on LeaseCat, we like to do a little bit of mathematics before presenting the quotation to the prospect. This means that for the very first time, customers can get an idea of how much they are likely to pay throughout the duration of the lease. Most importantly, we were very eager to take the variable of mileage into account. We don't want people to be misled into signing up for deals that appear to be good but are actually not offering great value due to strict mileage limitations. So, we took all of that on board and the end result is that you can see at a glance who is offering the best deals. You can even filter your results in a variety of ways to make sure you find the perfect deal for you – in seconds, not hours.

This is a project that we've been thinking about for many years. However, we had to literally wait until a few technologies were invented before we could pull this off. We're delighted and excited to finally present LeaseCat, after countless hours of hard work and research.

If you happen to be the owner of one of those other car leasing comparison websites then our advice is clear. You should sell your website immediately to the highest bidder or get in touch and join forces with us. Seriously. LeaseCat is at least five years ahead of anything else that's out there. We've checked the compeition out and we know that we've built something unique.

When people find out about LeaseCat, the car leasing industry will never be the same again …and that's a good thing!

“Patch” (aka, Lease Cat)

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