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Yip - it's true. At the time of writing, we can't find anybody else who compares car leasing deals the way we do

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In this day and age, if you want to book a hotel, you can compare deals. If you want to buy car insurance, you can compare deals. If you want to book a holiday, you can compare deals. For just about anything modern day product or service that you can think of, the web usually has a variety of websites which allow ordinary people to compare deals. However, for some reason, the car leasing industry has been left behind ...until now.

So what do we mean by 'compare car leasing deals'?

Let's be clear. When we're talking about comparing car leasing deals, we are referring to something that nobody else is doing (at the time of writing, at least). The two key critereon that we're interested in are:

It seems truely unbelievable but we can't find any other website that perform these two tasks. We're not sure of the reason why that's the case, but our speculation is that there are technical barriers which - thus far - have prevented anyone from building a decent car leasing comparison website.

Building a car leasing comparison website is not easy

Over the years one or two very well funded, multi-national type companies have attempted to build car leasing comparison websites. Some of these companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange. However, in spite of their size and inexhaustible funding they never quite pulled it off. One of the reasons for this is because car leasing is complicated. A typical car leasing deal requires around 19 pages of documentation to be signed. Even when a company dished out a quote, that quote is not normally a nice round number - like we see in the car insurance industry, for example. In the car leasing industry, quotations are generally fairly complicated and are made up of several variables. These include but are not limited to; initial deposit, basic monthly rental, service rental and annual mileage allowance. As well as these figures, there are also potentially other figures to take on board as well as a variety of different lease types.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the fact that most of the car leasing companies in the UK cannot agree on the names of vehicle models. So, it's very common far two companies to have two completely different names for what might literally be the same car.

We have been working very hard and we have solved all of these technical challenges through a combination of:

We are confident that nobody else has attempted to build what we have and at the time of writing, we believe that LeaseCat is the UK's only real car leasing comparison website.

“Patch” (aka, Lease Cat)